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Sustainability and Environment

Avenion recognizes the importance of sustainability and makes a great effort to fulfil its obligations toward society and environment. At Avenion, we integrate the pursuit of sustainability into our business models.  In other words, we structure our operations in way to prevent any damage to the environmental, creating a pleasant working environment for all employees and by focusing on a zero safety incidents target.

We achieve outstanding cleaning results while minimizing the impact on the environment through the careful selection of our cleaning products materials. Also, we make sure to employ low-emission and fuel-efficient cleaning machinery. In addition, we constantly upgrade and modernize our equipment and regularly train our staff to keep up with change.  

More specifically, the systematic use of high concentrates and dispensing systems reduces overall consumption of chemical products and minimizes negative impacts on the environment. Furthermore, our cleaning products are not only selected to comply with legal regulations, but also satisfy the German ordinance on first and second order decomposition of surface-active agents in water. Moreover, Avenion makes sure to reduce the usage of chemicals in general. Microfiber mop systems are a key factor to do so as they allow a shift from chemical to mechanical cleaning approach. Lastly, continuous training of our employees ensures the proper usage of chemicals and results in the best possible utilisation of products and equipment.