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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction or preoccupancy cleaning services transform your construction site into a clean and ready-to-use environment. Our experienced teams are specifically trained to utilize the most suitable equipment and products to remove all dirt and debris left behind at a completed construction site. We make sure to dispose all of recyclable and non-recyclable materials through certified professionals.

  • The removal of general mess such as boxes, cartons, wrappings, wood shavings, mortar residue, etc.
  • The removal of adhesive foil and dirt on windows and frames
  • The removal of tapes and labels
  • The removal of cement residues on wall and floor tiles
  • Removal of dirt from existing furnishings and equipment such as skirting boards, doors and frames, radiators, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms
  • Thorough of the technical rooms

We are equipped to tackle big projects such as large office buildings, residential blocks, schools and hospitals, but we also carry out smaller scale jobs (e.g. house renovations) using the same methodology and safety standards.